DUO “Leo – Tricarico”

Duo “Leo-Tricarico” Sassofono & Organo

Alessandro Leo
He studied with the master Vittorio Cerasa and graduated with distinction in Saxophone at the conservatoire “N. Rota” of Monopoli (Bari, Apulia). Later he got a qualification in Music Didactics at the conservatoire “N. Rota” of Monopoli (Bari, Apulia) and has focused his activity to the teaching of saxophone in cooperation with several music schools all over Italy. He edited the preface of Antonella Chionna’s book “Epifanie Baritonali” (Lupo Editore, 2012), analysing the contents from the musical perspective. He has recorded the CDs Never End with WakeUp Gospel Project and Antonella Chionna’s Adiafora (P) 2013 Koinè by Dodicilune. He carries out intense concert activities both as a soloist and in chamber-music groups. Since 2013 he has actively collaborated with Roberto Buttus at the “Sequoia Project”. He works as a Musical Education Teacher in the lower Secondary School.

Giovanna Tricarico
giovanna tricarico
She studied harpsichord, organ, piano and music pedagogy in Italy (Conservatorio “Nino Rota” Monopoli, Scuola Musicale di Milano, Accademia Musicale Pescarese)and in Germany (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Musikhochschule Freiburg) with teachers such as Emilia Fadini, Paolo Bordoni, Ketil Haugsand and, as an “Erasmus” student, Klemens Schnorr. She won several competitions and got a study grant by the “Lions Club Köln-Colonia” (Cologne). As well as soloist such as as member of chamber music ensembles and orchestras, she gave concerts in Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and Thailand. She recorded works by F.M.Veracini, G.Corsi, A.Corelli and by F.Couperin, and published two Essays (Florestano publishing). She is the artistic director of the organ festival “La Girolmeta“, which takes place in Apulia.

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